Guidance In Personal Injury Defense Cases

Following a car wreck or other accident, it is important to contact an attorney and your insurance company right away. This is especially important if you believe someone is claiming you were responsible for causing an accident that injured another person.

Travis Weitzel, P.C., works with individuals and their insurance companies following auto accidents and other personal injury cases, including premises liability and slip-and-fall cases. With extensive experience as a litigator, he is prepared to represent the interests of clients in court and in negotiations.

Insured individuals often have a small window of time following an accident in which they need to contact their insurance company to report what happened. Mr. Weitzel guides individuals through the process, and insurance companies often retain him to assist with the defense or provide local counsel.

Local Texas Counsel For Insurers

Many Texas individuals are insured by companies based outside of Texas that may not have local counsel. Located in Austin, Travis Weitzel, P.C., has more than a decade of litigation experience in Texas courts, and he is often called to serve as outside counsel for insurance companies. An experienced litigator, Mr. Weitzel has represented clients on all sides of personal injury cases, giving him insight into all aspects of the process.

Call For Assistance With Personal Injury Defense

If you have been involved in an accident or someone is claiming you caused an injury to another person, call 512-649-0233 or contact the firm by email to discuss a particular situation with an experienced trial lawyer.